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A luxury holiday in Tuscany is a unique chance to be spoiled. Find out all the original, relaxing, adventurous and luxurious activities you can do in this little piece of paradise! Follow our tips for a great luxury vacation in Tuscany!


Imagine yourself relaxing by the pool at a gorgeous Tuscan villa, a glass of delicious Chianti wine in your hand and an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquillity…sounds great doesn’t it? Well, imagine if there were someone at your beck and call to take care of all your holiday details too. Now that would be [...]

Ferrari driving experience in Tuscany

The most famous sports car to come out of Italy has to be the Ferrari. Founded in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari in Maranello, these cars, with their famous prancing stallion symbol, represent speed, style and luxury. If you’re a fan of the Ferrari, then why not enjoy the thrill of taking part in a Ferrari [...]

Tuscany's Thermal Baths

Italians are known for their relaxed pace of life and they like nothing better than to kick back, relax and free themselves of the worries of the day. Whilst at one of our villas in Tuscany, you can also adopt this slow pace of life, and indulge in a relaxing spa day. There are many [...]